1. Neutering :
DOG CHANCE 's primary goal was, and still is, to reduce the number of dogs living pitiful lives on the street through a programme of humane neutering. The programme includes a week of post-operative care for females at DOG Chance's facility in Bangkok which on average deals with 30 sterilized dogs per month. In DOG CHANCE's care, the dogs are also vaccinated, treated for medical problems such as mange, parasite infestation, venereal disease, tumours, open wounds,fractures,etc.They are then released back to the spot where they captured.
[N.B. Neutering statistics are covered under the heading DOG CHANCE's Facts & Figures]

2. Community Education & Awareness Programmes :
Running in parallel with DOG CHANCE's neutering project is a community education programme. In her many dealing with local communities, Khun Pym emphasizes the importance of dogs in our lives, the responsibilities of pet ownership and good Thai citizenship, the effectiveness of sterilization, and the humane treatment of dogs and other animals. This is achieved through the distribution of flyers and other PR material in simple Thai language donating coloring sheets for the children, and taking stalls at fun fairs, dog shows and charity fairs -shirts with responsible doggy messages are also made and sold to raise awareness-and funds!
The aims of DOG CHANCE, and hence the plight of the street dogs, are better know throughout Thailand following interviews given by Khun Pym with local press, magazines, radio stations, and TV news channels. She was invited to talk about her work with street dogs on BBC's Animal Planet News, which aired for 5 minutes each time, and did much to highlight the tragic existence of these animals.

3. Rescue Shelter:
DOG CHANCE provides a safe haven for dogs critically in need. Severely injured, abused or starving dog receive life-saving medical treatment and recuperate at DOG CHANCE's Bangkok facilities.50-60 dogs have permanent residence there, many handicapped in some way [blind or paralyzed].Some remain in DOG CHANCE's care, for life, and are re-housed at DOG CHANCE's up-country kennels in Ratchaburi where, today, 450 dogs live permanently, receiving daily helpings of kindness, food, water and medical treatment when needed.

4. Re-homing:
With the attitude that prevails in Thailand towards street dogs, finding good homes for rescued street dogs is almost impossible. DOG CHANCE has met with little success and is actively searching for ways to improve and step-up this programme. [Adoption figures are covered under DOG CHANCE's Facts & figures]

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